General Meet Information

What to Wear

-        Uniform

-        Team Shirt

-        Warm-ups

Red Duffle Bag
What to Bring

-        Cash for athlete and spectator entry free. Expect to pay around $8 per person during developmental meets.

-        Cash for concessions

-        Shade (tent, umbrella, etc)

-        Stadium seats / folding chair

Purple Sneaker
What Your Athlete Should Pack


Extra Socks


Bug spray

Icy Hot


Pain reliever and/or athlete specific meds for headaches, stomach aches, allergies, asthma, etc

Handheld fan / water spritzer

Towel (use as pillow/sweat)

Something to keep your athlete entertained between events: coloring books, card games, book to read, paper/pen to doodle or to track times, etc. The club is not responsible for lost items, so I recommend you leave the electronics at home.

Fresh Vegetables in Basket
What to Pack in Your Cooler

Lots of water!! Bring a .5 gallon water jug at minimum

Mini meals

Plenty of fruit: oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, berries, melons, etc


Frogg Togg Chilly Pad (moistened and placed in sealed ziplock)

Gatorade for the end

Milk Carton Leak
Foods to Avoid

No dairy

Nothing with added fat like oil and butter

No sodas or sugary drinks.

Fruit & Vegetable Market
Snack / Mini Meal Ideas

Lean meat or peanut butter sandwich       Toast

Tortilla wrap                                                  Vanilla Wafers

Pasta salad                                                    Dried Fruit Trail Mix

Rice bowl                                                       Graham Crackers

Fig newtons                                                   Animal crackers

Plain crackers                                               Plain Popcorn

Pretzels                                                          Pickles

Peanut butter crackers                                Pita chips and hummus

Apples, celery or bagel w/peanut butter   Nuts

Raisins                                                           Gatorade Sports chews or similar