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10Q4 with Logan Warren

As one of the seasoned veterans of Katy Express Track Club, Logan has been selected as our first participant in our new regular feature, 10Q4 (Ten Questions For...). She is known on the team for her incredible work ethic (in track and school), her enthusiastic cheering for her teammates, and her willingness to help out other members, coaches, or parents.

Name: Logan Warren

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

School: Paetow High School, Katy, TX

1. When did you start running competitively? The summer after 6th grade.

2. What’s the best thing about running? When you finish and you feel refreshed and like you finished something big.

3. What’s the worst thing about running? Pain - mostly the pain from pushing yourself during practice.

4. What’s your favorite pre-meet or pre-practice food? Pasta!

5. How many times a week do you practice? Usually 6 days a week.

6. What’s your favorite event? The mile.

7. What event do you wish you could do well in, but struggle with? The 800.

8. What brand of running shoes do you wear? Brooks.

9. Running in the rain or running in the summer heat? In the heat, I guess. If it's really raining you can't see in front of you!

10. Give new runners one quick piece of advice. Even when it feels rough, push through that feeling to get the results that you want. The more you practice and push through the better you get. It pays off.

She is serious about this advice. According to Coach Belton, "Logan trains until she cries, but smiles at her accomplishments." Watch Logan this 2020 track season in mid- and long distance events!

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