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XC Registration is OPEN!!

We have missed every single one of our athletes and parents.

Cancellation of the 2019-2020 track season left us sad to not get the joy of seeing our athletes develop.... So we're thrilled to announce that Cross Country registration is now open!!! We will be following the same schedule as the local schools, so practice will begin on September 14, 2020. Please note that we cannot guarantee any meet schedule at this time, nor can we guarantee that the season will be a full-on "go," as, with everything else, so many things are dependent on the rules and regulations from the state, county, and other authorities. We therefore ask that you register, but hold off on paying until practices begin, and we have a better idea of what may occur with the season going forward.

Before you ask, we will be making every attempt to enforce social distancing. However, while our athletes are running, they will not be required to wear masks. We will make every effort to ensure that the kids stay distant while running. If you have concerns, please feel free to volunteer to assist at various locations in the park during practice to enforce. When our athletes congregate before and after practice, they ABSOLUTELY should be wearing masks. We also request that parents of our younger athletes be consistently on hand to aid their children in social distancing guidelines.

If you have any questions, please don't hestitate to drop us a message! We look forward to seeing all of you on September 14!!!!

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