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Track & Field Registration is Now Open

Pre-Season Camp starts January 14th (Ages 7-18)

Track & Field practice starts March 13th (Ages 8-18)

Check back in August to register for Cross Country

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- Registration cost is a one time charge for the entire season.

- Athlete's MUST have a valid USATF membership to register.

       USATF memberships can be obtained/renewed here.

Uniform packages can be purchased through the team store.

   The uniform is only required if your athlete will be participating in meets.

Meet entrance fees are not included in the price and are usually around $10-20 per athlete.


Payment can be submitted in one of three ways:

       1. Through our online store via PayPal or credit card

       2. By check made out to "KT Express" on the first day of practice

       3. By cash on the first day of practice.

Payment MUST be made before your child can attend practice.

**If you are registering more than 3 athletes, please send an email to for information on how to register.


Athlete #1 - Registration Information


Medical & Insurance Information

Does this athlete have any allergies?
Does this athlete take any medications?
Has this athlete ever been hospitalized?
Has this athlete or any member of their family had any of the following?