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The Final Meet of the Season

A Cross Country season like no other came to an end on Saturday as the Katy Express hosted its second home meet of the season. During a very trying time, the Katy Express was thrilled to offer local runners two live race opportunities in a safe, competitive environment. This last meet once again showed that the team is talented in all age groups.

“The Katy Express coaching staff is extremely happy and proud of all of our kids,” said Coach Julius Belton. “This season was filled with challenges from the onset.”

On the heels of a very successful high school season, Logan Warren participated in the 17-18 girls 5K and took first place. At the same time, Madison Morgan won the 15 and 16 year old girls 5k event, completing an amazing season. Madison won every event she competed in this year, usually in dominant fashion.

After competing in the 5k in the prior event, Rowan Saacke moved back to the 11 and 12 girls 3K event this week in preparation for Nationals. As has been the case all season with the 3K, Rowan came in first, this time with a time of 11.36.15. Close friend and teammate Meghan Carlson completed a memorable campaign with a fourth place finish. Emmy Jane Kirkland ran a strong race as well.

The Katy Express had three runners in the 9 and 10 year old girls 2K. Lainey Siska edged out teammate Lea Rivera Doninelli for the sixth place spot. Skyler Strittmatter also finished with a strong time.

While the Katy Express women were dominating in their races, the boys put up an excellent showing as well. In the 15 and 16 year old boys race, James Boutte took home second place, just four seconds behind the leader.

In the crowded 11 and 12 year old field, Aiden Johnson continues to give notice that he will be force in the future with a fourth place finish. Griffen Saacke finished seventh while teammate Travis Piccirillo finished ninth. Aiden Reid finished 14th, and Travis Brawner, known affectionately as Travis 2.0 on the team, finished 15th. Michael Villafranca continues to show great improvement in his performance.

Gage Virga moved up to compete in the 9 and 10 year old boys race in preparation for a strong 2021 season. The future star finished ninth.

Finally, Carter Dietz finished fourth in the boys 8 and under race.

Coach Belton summed up the season thusly. “Our athletes learned a lot over the past three months. They gained confidence, had a positive attitude, and showed teamwork. Some of them ran fast, and some of them ran slow, but in the end, they all can run a 5K.”

We can't wait to see what track season holds for these competitors, and many others. Stay tuned!

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